3192: Team Lead / Manager (Recruitment / Sales) - Sofia

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Permanent
  • 5 - 10 years


Current office location: Lulin 10 (with plans to relocate to Sofia center), Sofia

Level of Expertise: min 5+ years of experience of which at least 2 in leading a team of (sales, delivery, client contact people)


Have you heard of the brands iClickats and iCrowd.co? Our guess is you have. The company behind those powerful brands is IT World Web.com. In less than 6 years IT World Web.com has grown to a 100+ ambitious women only organization passionate about serving 160+ customers across 3 global locations in Europe and India. We serve Europe's biggest governmental institutions and private businesses with top of class recruitment solutions (products and services).

As women empowering organization we believe in attracting and hiring the best young women out there, whose primary goal in life is to gain the required expertise and achieve a leadership position with us in a couple of years. 

Our mascot is Super "i", the woman who overachieves by using her 10 super powers (our 10 Principles that shape our culture). Want to know if you have the potential to be a Super "i" and if our culture is the right fit for you? 

Check our Super "i" presentation here https://bit.ly/33QPXnY

If daily targets & results excite you and if competing with other ambitious women empowers you, keep on reading but most importantly apply for this role (regardless of your education or career background).

Here is what you will do when you join us: 

For one of our super ambitious teams in Sofia, Bulgaria we are hiring a woman who will work as Team Lead Recruitment / Manager.

  As Team Lead I Manager you will:

- be responsible for the performance and revenues of a team of Recruiters

- you will be also responsible for the team delivery, closing open positions

-negotiate and convince Sr IT Candidates (Java, Project Managers) 

- establish daily, weekly, quarterly plan for you and your team

- team motivation and growth, KPI's and reporting to your Director or COO.

At IT World Web.com we are driven by data, results, and performance. Achieving your quarterly targets pushes you closer towards promotion and receiving a quarterly bonus.

Have you always been dreaming of that company which provides you a truly clear career path with clear targets and what you need to do to get promoted?

Well, great news, look no further. This is what the success of IT World Web.com is all about. We believe in the philosophy that every 2 years our women need to excel and by raising the bar higher move into a higher level role with more responsibilities. You know at any point (every hour, every day) what your target is and what you need to do to get there. 

What we expect you to bring in, so you can be successful in your career path with us:

  • Excellent communication skill in writing and speech
  • Negotiating with and convincing your stakeholders excites you and you want to be the best at it
  • Achieving team targets excites you.
  • You never accept " NO" for an answer
  • You are unstoppable in your career ambitions. You dream of: becoming the best Manager you can possibly be where you impact our 100+ women organization with your ideas, knowledge and vision.

We do not require Technology nor recruitment background per se. If you meet the above-mentioned criteria and our story inspires you and motivates you, click on the apply button.

For Achievers we offer this:

· Great fixed salary but even better performance bonuses (we are a bonus -reward culture and want to reward those who achieve).

· Training on the job, everyday learning + Academy ongoing training

· Most international environment you can wish for: 160+ European Clients, IT Candidates from 22 European countries and colleagues from 7 different geographies.

· Top quality of your delivery (perfection into the details) and massive obsession about our customers (candidates and end clients)

· Crystal clear career and promotion path, where you are in charge

We hope to have provided you with all the insights you need to make up your mind if the world of Super "i" is the world you would like to become part of. 

If a career with IT World Web.com is the right choice for you we look forward to talk to you. Don't forget to click on the apply button