2760: A1: Executive Consultant

  • Bengaluru, India
  • Permanent
  • 0 - 1 years


This role is remote opportunity where you will be working from the comfort of your home (also after the covid pandemic is over) and join your colleagues virtually each day. 

Are you a Fresher waiting for a Great Opportunity to make a promising Career in IT & Technology Recruitment/HR?

Then Good luck's coming your way!!

If you are a Technical Graduate and you:

1. Speak Excellent English (written and verbal) and Like to Convince others

2. Are eager to work for International Clients & International Environment

3. Are Inspired by the game changers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Then read the below full job description to learn why this role is the right one for you. Don't forget to click on the APPLY Button below.

To begin:

Did you know that when you Join as Fresher at IT World Web.com, you get trained to become a "Super i"?

Super i? What is that?

As you might already know, IT World Web.com (the company for which you will be working) is a women empowering organization.

Yes, women empowering, a place where you as a young woman will have the opportunity to become part of an ambitious and career driven organization. A place where each day you will aim at becoming better, learn more and perform your very best. These are the characteristics of a Super i, our company mascot, representing the core values that our 100+ women across 3 geographies carry in their hearts. Want to know more about Super i?

See this video presentation:


When you will join our team in Whitefield, Bangalore (remote work for the next 3 months), we have multiple roles for you, all of which are related to learning to become a strong negotiator. You will join us as a Super i Technical Recruiter.

If daily deadlines & results excite you and if working with other ambitious women empowers you, keep on reading but most importantly apply for this role.

The highlights of being a Fresher/ Graduate in our organization is:

Why become a Super i Recruiter?

Think about this. You are at the beginning of your career and all your life you have thought of:

1. Earning great money and your efforts to be recognized with bonuses

2. Work shoulder to shoulder and be inspired by other Top performing, career-oriented women

3. Being part of a bigger family that trains and grooms you to earn a promotion every 2 years, to have a place into Leadership (Global level).

AM I right? Of course!. We ambitious girls all think of that :)


Last words before you apply:

At the beginning of the job description, I have already mentioned the 3 points that are a real must for this role. Without them, you won't thrive the way you could.

Once you join us as a Super i, we will train you and mould you into the performer that you deserve to be. No worries if your educational background or experience is limited. We will take care of that.

Also, the work will be 100% REMOTE!

Now apply below and share the link with your ambitious friends as well and let's get the hiring process started!

Me and my other Super i's, are excited to meet you. Are you?

Click on the apply button!!