2525: FOREVER REMOTE - A1: Executive Consultant: International Technical Recruiter

  • Bengaluru, India
  • Permanent
  • 1 - 3 years


ROLE: International Technical Recruiter
COMPANY: Artemis Professionals

This role is a remote opportunity where you will be working from the comfort of your home (also after the covid pandemic is over) and join your colleagues virtually every day.

If daily targets & results excite you and if competing with other ambitious people empowers you, keep on reading but most importantly apply for this role (regardless of your education or career background).

Here is what you will do when you join us:
  • For one of our super ambitious teams in Sofia(Bulgaria), we are hiring people who will get trained and work as (Sr) IT Recruiter and Relationship Manager for our European clients.
  • This role is NOT a regular Recruitment role. It is a pure sales (where you negotiate and convince) and a customer-oriented role where you acquire and manage a portfolio of 50-100 IT Professionals (your clients for whom you obsess) and ensure they get selected for the most suitable for the projects with European Institutions across Europe.
  • Relationship building, high-quality expert advice on projects & European Taxation is the key to success here.

When you join us, this is what your day will look like:
• You take 2-4 scheduled daily interviews with IT Professionals (experts in Java, .Net, PHP tech stacks) from 22 European countries.
• During your calls you use your expertise on the EU projects and taxes (we provide you with the full process, tools, training, and materials) to convince IT professionals of the benefits of joining your projects.
• You follow up daily with your IT Professionals Portfolio in regard to sharing new projects or helping your portfolio candidates with creating their CV (it’s a special, custom-made CV that each candidate needs to prepare).
• You work with tight deadlines and you need to introduce your top (most interested) candidates along with their perfectly prepared CVs to the client within the time frame of the delivery deadline.
• You close the day by achieving your daily targets and feeling fulfilled.

At Artemis Professionals, we are driven by data, results, and performance. Achieving your quarterly targets pushes you closer to the promotion and receive a quarterly bonus.

Have you always been dreaming of a company that provides you with a truly clear career path with clear targets and what you need to do to get promoted?

Well, great news, look no further. This is what the success of Artemis Professionals is all about. We believe in the philosophy that every 2 years our Employees need to excel and by raising the bar higher move into a higher-level role with more responsibilities. You know at any point (every hour, every day) what your target is and what you need to do to get there. And because we believe that ambitious women should never stop learning, we have put into place Academy (our learning platform), a Fast Track Program (for the top performers) and peer coaching.

What we expect you to bring in, so you can be successful in your career path with us:
• Excellent communication skills in writing and speech
• Negotiating with and convincing your stakeholders excites you and you want to be the best at it
• Achieving set daily targets excites you.
• You are super curious and eager to learn
• You never accept " NO" for an answer
• You are unstoppable in your career ambitions. You dream of: becoming an expert in your field, leading a team, and growing into Leadership roles where you impact our 100+ Employees organization with your ideas, knowledge, and vision.
• You should know to write and speak English. (Mandatory)

We do not require Technology or a recruitment background person. If you meet the above-mentioned criteria and our story inspires you and motivates you, click on the apply button.

For Achievers we offer this:
• Great fixed salary but even better performance bonuses (we are a bonus-reward culture and want to reward those who achieve).
• Training on the job, everyday learning + Academy ongoing training
• Most international environment you can wish for: 160+ European Clients, IT Candidates from 22 European countries, and colleagues from 7 different geographies.
• Top quality of your delivery (perfection in the details) and massive obsession with our customers (candidates and end clients)
• Crystal clear career and promotion path, where you are in charge

For Over Achievers we also offer this:
• If you are a top performer your bonuses can match your salary (this is something you have control over)
• Powerful 1 Year Fast Track Program into leadership (so you are promoted faster than your peers)
• On-site work possibility in Europe.

If a career with Artemis Professionals is the right choice for you we look forward to talk to you. Don't forget to click on the apply button